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Thread: Game problem

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    Game problem

    ok, if you haven't already i have uploaded the beta version of my game

    And if you noticed, you cant battle yet. What im trying to figure out is how to do the battle sequence.

    What I have now is 2 timers, and if you click attack on your side you will do damage and then your attck button become disabled until the timer ticks. Then the enemy attacked when his timer ticked.
    The thing is it's impossible to win like that,
    I need some ideas on how to do the attack seqeunce(ex: turn based, random damage, etc...)
    NOTE: This is in Microsoft visual studio Visual Studio

    This is the interface
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    Does your game have stats? Like strength, defence etc?
    You will need to think up some algorithims.
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    yes, you have Defense and Attack stats, I just dont know how to make the battle work.
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    How about another stat for speed?
    Which would increase the speed at which you can attack (higher speed, the lower amount of time the button is disabled), but the actual length of time the button is disabled could be a few seconds either way of a number.
    e.g. It could be down for 4 seconds, 2 seconds or 6 seconds but not higher than 6 and not lower than 4.

    Then it would be like:
    user presses attack button, this takes away a certain amount off the enemy depending on an algorithm that takes into account your strength and the opponents defence. This temporarily disables the attack button (explained above).
    This happens the same for the enemy but the amount of time between attacks for the enemy is based on a random number and their speed.
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    Go buy your self a DND manual man. If i remember right the GM manuals have some basic formulas.

    D20 can show you all you need to know.

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    Im going to try alexgeek's idea first and see if i can get that to work
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    how would i create a random number?
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    Dim foo As New Random
    i = foo.Next(1, 10)

    1 to 10

    luckily your image shows .vb.

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    If you give me some more information on the stats such as how many you start with, how hard it is to get more stat points etc. I can help with an algorithim.
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    your attack is determined by the weapon you have on, and your defense is based on what armor you have on, your speed naturally starts off at 30.
    You get 10 points each time you level up, those 10 points are used to increase your natural attack, speed, or defense.

    here is the battle screen

    the stats are entered through code

    oh and another thing, im trying to fix the problem where if you click "none" it wont put it in your inventory, this is what i got
    If helmVar.Text = "none" Then helmList.Items.Add(helmVar.Text)
    how would i make this say that if helmVar.text DID NOT equal none then it would do the "THEN" action?
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