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Thread: Feel like AI programming... don't know what to do

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    Feel like AI programming... don't know what to do

    Hi all,

    I don't really have a technical question as such but it is related to programming. I just recently finished writing a Generic AI Pathfinding Library in C++. I must admit, I really enjoyed making it . I would like to do some more AI programming. Preferably I would like to make another library cause that way I'll be making something that I could use later on instead of just something that's cool but I can't use. Also (depending on how I feel on the day I finish the library ) I could release it as open source ... or just free for non-commercial use... you know, something like that.

    So.... any ideas of what I could make?

    I got pretty much the next whole month free, I just finished high school, waiting to find out if I got into Uni. Really bored. Need something to do to keep the insanity at bay.

    Pathfinding was certainly a challenge, and really enjoyable & satisfying.... but I wouldn't mind digging my teeth into something harder...AI learning? General Purpose Game AI Engine? AI Combat Engine? Whats something that's achievable but will still push me to my limits?

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    Write a node driven AI for a shooter you know like this: Where the engine calc the green lines. Don't really have to make a game just create the vector math to calculate safe nodes for red dot based on were the green dot is compared to the wall nodes. My lil bro's done it a few times so I know its possible and probably not too difficult.

    (red is screwed)

    //edit, was to lazy to draw all the green lines, but remember out of all the solutions red has hes gonna want to chose the shortest save point (in this example none). And you could also make an agressive version that wants to stay close to green but at a certain distance (ie, shooting back).
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    As far as AI, find different AIs. I'm assuming (based on you doing the pathfinding) is you want an A star type AI. Different types of AI.

    Create an AI that manages a list. Basically a fast way of handling a list. Your special list will spawn a management thread that runs on low priority that swaps data around in the list so that it is always accessed fast. Ideally the 0 element would always be based on what they want. So i would think you would use the index as an idea of how long it is since they accessed it. If someone says i want element 5 out of 10, it would mean they expect to find the value half way through the list. I dunno sounds like it could be cool about management.

    Another AI you can write is one where it looks at an acesses to the disk, and figures out what is frequently accessed. Then when a new area is accessed that isn't normally used, and isn't done by a user, it gives an alert to the use. Purpose late at night, the user is sleeping (been idle for like 10 minutes). Now some program starts sending packets over the internet. It would detect this and give a popup for when the user comes back. Or seeing how the user doesn't access like the sys folder that often, if it gets accessed, it would give a warning. The reason it is a warning is because maybe they are installing a game, and it is loading files. I based one of these examples on an actual problem i had where a program did would send out max size packets to randomly websites at around 2am everyday.

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