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Thread: php and toolbars/add-ons/extensions

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    php and toolbars/add-ons/extensions


    i've implemented some api methods using php.

    i want to develope a toolbar/extension for ie/ff that will call one of my api methods.

    when someone right clicks an image(that's in the browser), i want there to be a menu option that will call my api method and pass the image url to that method as a POST var.

    so what do i need to do to build this extension/toolbar for the different browsers? is there one solution that will work for all browsers? what programming language/environemnt is used to build browser toolbars?


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    Right clicking an image is a client side event (JavaScript).
    Are you getting confused?
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    there must be a way to do it.

    right now i have send to blogger/gmail.


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    No theres no way to make a addon/plugin for both browsers. Your best best is go over to Mozilla's site and ask there (but for the love of god be more descriptive).

    For making a plugin/toolbar for IE i believe you can actually just use visual studio (don't quote me on that though).

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    how can i be more specific?

    i want to make a toolbar/extension that sends data to one of my api methods. it would be ideal if the api method could simply be called when selecting a menu item when you right click an image in the browser.

    any ideas?

    thanks guys

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    So you mean you have a server with PHP with a set of code, and you want it so there is a toolbar on the browser like a google toolbar so when they click something, it runs a PHP function on your server?

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    Here's the issue with what I am seeing: If you want this to work on all websites that are viewed through IE/FF with people who have your plugin you will need to change some of the IE/FF main files to get it. For instance the right click menu, it isn't just added to by the plugins, it it added into a file that IE/FF has to use for th econtext menu, thus you will need to have more than one file written, most people don't want to allow people that much control over their system...

    Look into adding buttons to a context menu.

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    exactly evil drummer boy.

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