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Thread: launching games on secondary monitor

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    launching games on secondary monitor

    I brought home a TFT-screen I found while working today and figured I could run some fullscreen apps on it, games and such. Now it's a small monitor and the resolution isn't that high. My primary is also a widescreen and that's basically why this annoys me so much. I have ultraMon, so I just launch the games and use a hotkey to move the fullscreen window to the other screen. Really simple and works fast, but! The resolution on my primary gets messed up, and I have to manually set it back again.

    Does anyone know a way to automize this process? Or even better, just skip it and launch everything on the secondary screen right away.

    Either way is fine

    I tried googling but didn't really get anything. Maybe my google skills aren't as awesome as I thought...

    EDIT: if it helps, I have an ATI-card

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    okay right click the games .exe run it in windowed mode for the game drag it over to the other window then put it back to fullscreen mode. Windows will remember which window was used next time the applications is launched.

    Should work...

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    Unquestionable Question a bad idea in my eyes, i tried it before, it was a nightmare to do,I think i used templarian's way but im not sure completely...
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    the thing is I don't get the game right away, I get an update client before launching the game. I couldn't find where to run it in windowed mode either, so I haven't tried. I doubt it will work even if I do though

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    you can set the second monitor as primary and drag Windows menu bar over to a big screen this will launch everything on a second monitor but you still will have windows menu bar on the first monitor
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    yeah I tried that, but like you said, the start menu is on the other screen. I'll see if I can experiment some more when I get home.

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    If you dig around the game's Program Files, you might find the actual EXE for the game itself. You can right-click on that EXE and do what Temp suggested for running the game in Windowed mode.

    There is a good chance that you won't be able to launch the game via the EXE, but hopefully your updater program uses that same EXE file (with extra parameters) to launch the game.

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    yeah I actually thought about that too, and I found what I think is that exe. The problem is I can't seem to find any options to launch it in windowed mode... Google is being mean and won't tell me how to either

    EDIT: Oo! Got an idea! If I move the exe to another folder, creates a shortcut to it ending with "-w", that might work. Or am I being stupid? I'm gonna try anyway!

    EDIT2: bah! Outsmarted by a program! Well, it's not the first time...
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    hit Alt+Enter normal drops most full screen apps into window mode then you can move it across resize throw it about and do what ever you want with it.

    i going to assume your playing a MMO-RPG? L2? WOW? RF?

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    yeah, I tried all of that. The game locks the windows-button and all alt-combinations so I suppose there's not much I can do about this...

    There's still one thing I haven't tried and that is to use ATI Tray Tools theater mode wich puts all videos played fullscreen on the secondary monitor. Probably won't work, but It's worth a shot.

    Thanks anyway everyone!

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    Some games have a run in window mode or full screen in their preferences or options. Once that gets set you can open it in Window mode and move it to the secondary screen. And then Templarian's solution will work from there.

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    If you're running windows 7, you can use WIN+SHIFT+Left/Right arrow to move any window to another display. It might be that this won't work either, but its worth a shot

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