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Thread: hackersafe

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    what do you guys do to help be hackersafe?

    i have a joomla site with virtuemart and i want my site to be a bit more secure...any suggestions?

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    Joomla is pretty safe, otherwise people wouldn't use it.
    I don't think it would be worth hacking joomla to add your own security though.
    Since this is an e-commerce site, are you using SSL?
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    (moved this to the Server-Side forum)
    The security of your application primarily depends on the coding quality of what it runs on; in your case Joomla and VirtueMart. You'll have to trust them to have created a secure application, there's not really much you can change about those to have them be "more secure" other than actually going in and manually editing the code where you see fit.

    However, as alexgeek pointed out, what you can do is secure your communications channel using SSL. That way at least you're certain that the traffic sent along the network to your server cannot be intercepted and read by others. You should've already gotten SSL installed anyway since you seem to be running an e-commerce site.

    Also keep in mind that the weakest part of any computer system or application for that matter are the people using it. Remind your users at all times to be careful about sending sensitive data, to make sure they don't get phished by imposters, to not trust any e-mails asking for passwords allegedly sent from you, etc.

    Another aspect of security is the server you're running it on. Are you using a server that can be accessed by other people? If so, have you taken the appropriate actions to prevent them from reading your server-side data? Are you certain no user credit card info and/or other credentials are exposed on the server and physically deleted the instant they are no longer absolutely necessary?

    There are countless other aspects to web application security, but these should get you started on the most critical ones.
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