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Thread: Blog software...

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    Blog software...

    Ok, so I need to create a site which contains:

    - Blog entries (with images) posted by admin.
    - Visitors can comment on blog entries, but comments must be approved by admin before becoming visible.
    - Photo gallery posted by admin. Categorised into event/subject.
    - User-submitted photo gallery. Images would need to be approved by admin before becoming visible.
    - Small polls/surveys.
    - Perhaps also require visitors to create a login before they can submit any comments or photos. Not essential, though.

    This would take aaaaaaaaages for me to create from scratch, so I'm thinking WordPress... But I don't know if it has a photo gallery, or the ability to approve user-submitted comments/photos.

    Any help would be appreciated

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    Wordpress has comment approval built in, and I'm sure there are plenty of photo gallery plug-ins. I think Wordpress is the best blog system out there, I try new ones all the time but always end up back with Wordpress. Might try posting on their forums to see if there's a common solution or package for your needs.

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    Wordpress seems to work well Can you recommend any particular Photo Gallery plugin for it?

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    I don't have direct experience with it but I've heard good things of Gallery.

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    did u ever tried drupal?

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    Drupal as mentioned above would do very well, you could have the content types you choose to be displayed on homepage (your articles + your gallerys) then have a link to a page of the user submitted, it has user sign-up etc built in and has amazing community plugins

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