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Thread: Illustrator Align Stroke Problems(not about text)

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    Illustrator Align Stroke Problems(not about text)

    sorry if this is in the wrong section. Im making a fairly large document(108x96in), and i cant figure out why in that size of a document only(not specifically that size, but large sizes) i cant change the align stroke option on any of my shapes. It's stuck on center. The other options(inside and outside) arnt greyed out, they're clickable, but they dont do anything. The thing is though, when i create, say, a circle in a smaller document, i can change the align stroke, but then i drag it into the large document, and it immediately switches to the center align. If anyone can help me out(this actually needs to be finished by tomorrow morning.....) i would greatly appreciate it. Im using Illustrator CS2, by the way.

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    only thing i can think of is that the large size of the document is somehow impacting your memory and that it is actually set but not showing, the only way to tell would be to print a page out (full size print on a regular page kind of like tiling). see if it is actually not working or just not displaying.

    the only time i know of the stroke not allowing for inside or outside etc placement is when you have an open path in which case it won't give the option because you dont have an inside or outside, just a line that isn't enclosed.

    the last option to try is to make the paths you need in a small document and expand them or offset them to give you a compound shape that is the same as the stroke but no longer editable as a stroke. (ie you have a brush on a stroke and expand it, the brush is now a shape and you cannot edit the weight).

    hope you can figure out a solution.

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    i think i had the same problem last year and I just ended up not using the stroke align for large artwork, instead using the 'Appearance' window and playing with stroke and fill order

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    thanks guys for the advice. I'll see if any of those solutions work.

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    You should try to see if your path has any strange or unnecessary break in it. I just had the same problem but now it works. The way I found the break was thicken the stroke a lot and it'll pop out at you. Hope that helps

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    I had the same problem, than I realized, that aligning strokes does`t work on compound paths. See if you have an option at: object- compound path- release. Even a simple circle can be a compound path.

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    How about this "connect the dots" does this helps?
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Or ungroup
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