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Thread: buttons in movie clip?

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    buttons in movie clip?

    Another person on this forum has sent me her FLA file and I am trying to figure out a problem she is having.

    The problem is this. A movie clip has been created and inside this movie clip are buttons. Each button has actionscript which tells it to go to another scene on release. An example of the script for one of the buttons is below.

    on (release) {
    gotoAndStop("maps", 1);

    maps being the name of the scene. Is there a conflict because the buttons are placed inside the movie clip. I have done this sort of thing myself in the past and never had a problem - but I must add that the buttons were never in a movieclip, they were always on their own scene. Any help would be greatly appreciated

    I should add that nothing is happening when the buttons are pressed.

    Thank you

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    This is one of many bugs with scenes in Flash MX. You cannot call them from anywhere except the main timeline.

    I hope in the next version of Flash MM get their act together and fix scenes.
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    I did a google search and found the answer at the following site. Thanks for the reply

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