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Thread: access text box in style in xaml

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    access text box in style in xaml


    Does anyone know how to bind text box with slider.

    The text box should display 1-100 as text when the slider moves.

    The text box is in a style that i have made.


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    Take a look at this post where I do just that: You can ignore the part about value converters unless you are not interested in displaying the decimal points from the slider value

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    Thanks once again for the help.

    But i had one more question the binding for the text box does not work as the textbox
    is in a style.

    Will the binding code for the textbox change as the text box is itself in the Thumb style
    of the slider?

    Is there some other to drag the text box along the slider?


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    Also is there some link where they have explained binding controls present in styles?

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    Also i have attached the source code
    Attached Files Attached Files

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    Any update?

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    Please anyone help

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