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Thread: inside your monitor

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    inside your monitor

    Greetings Kirupians...

    I started this about 2 hours ago..
    Does anyone know how to make her (MY WIFE)
    look like she is REALLY inside the screen? (PShop)


    Second image:

    ____ ____
    Last edited by jay-em; July 7th, 2003 at 01:37 AM.

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    make some more motion blur and kinda of zoom out effect...

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    I did this really quick, just a simple scanline fill over the image with a layer overlay blend applied.

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    Thanks EG !!! Looks good !!
    Here's my new one...

    still needs work...getting there..

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    Yeah it's better than the other ones, just make your scanlines a bit thinner and you're all set.

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    Thanks dude... You freakin' guru... haha
    Must be nice to be THA MAN......

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    lol you're welcome.

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    i'd add some shine effect... would be nice

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    fluid_0ne, could you show us an example of what you're talking about? It would be a lot more helpful.

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    something like that (left is without F/X)

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    i actually removed the white backgrnd because it didnt make it look like it was inside the screen - and made a contrast between the hand on the face. THe reflections are ****ty though i'd have to work on that...

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    oh and doesnt alienskin have nice filters for doing tv lookalikes ? like scanlines and distorted images ???

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    Thanks for all the help fellas...
    I think I am going to eventually frame this up inside a TV
    I will repost soon... Gotta go to my BORING job now...
    In a minute---

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    Okay, I think I'm done...
    What do you all think?
    Last edited by jay-em; July 7th, 2003 at 09:38 PM.

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    A link would help.

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