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Thread: Cold glass in hot oven will it break?

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    Cold glass in hot oven will it break?

    If I put a cold glass in a hot oven will it break?
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    But when you take hot glass out of the oven and put it in cold water it will.


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    ^^^ What she said

    Did that washing dishes once. That resulted in a few stitches.

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    As Lissy says, if you plunge hot glass into cold water, the thermal contraction causes it to shatter. This the commonest mistake people make but the same principle works in reverse too. Placing a cold dish into a hot oven causes the glass to expand rapidly which can make it crack, or most often, explode rather violently. The same will happen if you place a glass dish directly on the stove.

    You can place a glass container into a cold oven and slowly bring it up to heat but, unless it's Pyrex which has been specially treated to prevent rapid thermal expansion, it's best not to use ordinary glass.
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    He would know. It's kind of cold in Antarctica.
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    You never know what you'll learn here at the Kirupa forums.
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    lol, i've tried this before, and yes it would break, if it's just ordinary glass

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    Thanks everyone I just want to let you know that my moms apple pie was not ruined by the glass shattering. It was d LICIOUS! If anyone wants a piece I can ship you some via fedXorUPS hit me on my two way.
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    You were talking about a glass baking pan. Those are made with thick tempered glass designed to withstand high temperatures.

    I thought you were talking about a thin drinking glass.

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    I once had a neighbour who was a total *******. It was around 7:30am on a cold winters morning. My neighbour boiled some water in a kettle walked out to his car and poured it ALL over the windshield. I was so pissed off that it did not smash cause he was a total prick. Shows how dumb some people can be.
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    ^Auto glass is more like pyrex, it's made to expand and contract a little along with temperature fluctuations.

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