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Thread: The Winners Are

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    I usually don't have enough time at night to see on the internet all what I want to...(I have a dial up connection, with a lower price at night)
    Tonight I came back here to see the new threads, tutorials...comments, and so on... and....I'm sorprised!
    Clown! I love your footer! It's great! Congrats!

    Of course congrats to all the winners....I'm gonna see those right now.... hehe...

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    kon-grad-u-lay-shon-sssssssss! everyone nice work. me likey.

    it was a fun contest. AGAIN!!!

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    Im gonna eat you
    nice job guys

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    Originally posted by Ilyas
    My place, 10 o'clock
    at 75018 Paris?

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    Yea gj guys and those are some **** nice footers.

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    im happy to see eilsoes footer in the top 5... still my favorite...


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    site still under construction... going on 6 years now.

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    Originally posted by noxious
    at 75018 Paris?
    Yeah, sure, why not? I have 17 square meters, it's more than enough!!
    Last smoke by Ilyas : yesterday at 11:45 PM.

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    ummm pardon me asking but what was the contest???
    for his life

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    oh OK stops

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    Congrats everybody!!

    Hey what is zoomify?

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    it teaches you how to zoom properly in on things like right now look at your monitor now start getting your face closer and closer to it you will see things bigger now right?? well you arent supposed to know your head on the monitor you dope from digitalpimp


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