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Thread: Open links sequentially from a list

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    Open links sequentially from a list

    Hey everyone!!

    I have what i think it is a simple question to answer.
    I have a button to open a new link in a new browser window. And what i need is that after i press the button, the link opened would come from a list of html. I have, for example, 10 html pages "page1.html", "page2.html", and so on.
    I dont want that the html opened would be from a random choice, but i want to be sequential. Example: when someone press the button, it will open page1.html, then someone else press the button again (somewhere else in the world!) the page opened will be page2.html...
    I hope that i'm being clear in my line of thought. Is this possible?

    thanks people, and cheers!!!

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    yeah, it would be possible, but depending on what you are trying to accomplish, there are different ways to do this...

    id say have a DB backend and reference each link to an ID a table along with a column that notes whether it has been clicked on or not.

    ID PAGE CLICKED (0 = no, 1 = yes)
    -- ----- --------
    1 page1.html 0
    2 page2.html 0
    3 page3.html 0
    4 page4.html 0

    then if a user clicks on page1.html, that opens up and you change the Clicked to 1 for that page...then if another user clicks on the button that you talk about, you just open the next html page in your list that has a 0 in the Clicked column and not a 1.

    I have no idea why you would do this, but ohwell, im sure you have a good reason.

    hope that helps...but as i said, there are other ways depending on what you are trying to accomplish and for what reason.

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    Thanks so much for your reply!!!
    I'm developing a website for a small soccer club in a small town, and we have a couple of sponsors that appear in the website with their logos, and a couple of other sponsors that paid less .
    So the directors of the club agreed with them not to put them in the website, but create a "other sponsors" button. Then when you press the button it would open the website of one of them, from a list where all of them would be present. I asked if it could open them randomly, but they prefer in a sequence, because they think this will give them a fair exposure between them.
    Can i have this list done in xml? I'm a graphic designer starting to dig into programing, and not only xml is my starting point in this area!

    cheers and thanks once again!

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