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Thread: Rewinding a MP3 with ActionScript

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    Rewinding a MP3 with ActionScript

    I just completed the "Playing Sounds using ActionScript" tutorial. I figured out a button to rewind the sound to the begining. Is there a way to also rewind the sound, say two or three seconds each time the user clicks the rewind button?

    I've been using Flash since v4, but haven't ventured too far into ActionScript beyond the Movie Controls, so any help is much appreciated!

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    Depends. If you used AS to load the sound in, i've got no idea =[, but if the sound is actually on the timeline, a simple prevFrame() would do. If you want more time rewinded, I would just paste prevFrame() as many times as frames you want rewinded. Then again, i am pretty bad, so theres probably a much better way to do it =P

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    I used the "Playing Sounds with ActionScript" tutorial on this site, so no, it's not on the timeline. Here's the script I used on the play button (similar script on the stop and start over buttons):

    on (release) {
    welcomeClip = new Sound(this);
    welcomeClip.start(0, 1);

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    You can use the sound method "position".

    I've been trying to figure it out, but if you can do it for yourself, that would be great. You have to find a way to get your _root.welcomeClip.position and be able to subtract the amount of seconds you want it to go back every time you you release *1000. Gonna keep trying to figure it out, but Good Luck to you.


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