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Thread: Differences between flash mx and mx 2004?

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    Differences between flash mx and mx 2004?

    I'm wondering why my searchable database has stopped working since using flash mx 2004, it worked, to an extent in mx (albeit with an odd bug that meant it never returned a result if you searched for 'simpsons', not even a 'no result found' message', but there you go) but now in mx 2004 it just returns the first result in the database, no matter what you search for... the fla is here .

    Also I'm looking to improve the search function, by being able to specify via checkboxes, which field so search in ie, to be able to search for a director. I'll probably post this part in another thread, not sure where is the best place to do so, but ideally I'd like to be able to search for a director, and be given a list of possible matches, then select from that, and be given a further list of films by that director, or to display the first match, and be able to scroll through forward and back, or a combination of the two...

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    Without looking at your fla, keep in mind that mx2004 introduced actionscript 2.0. And if you're publishing for 2.0 your code may not work properly

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    Okay, so could someone look at the .fla and see what I'm doing wrong? I've got no idea where to start...

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    I'm guessing it's got something to do with the code on your search button:
    on (release){
    	loadVariablesNum("data.asp?Record=" add myrecord, 0);
    	errorMsg="Please wait";
    First, is myrecord tracing out when you run it?
    Second your loading these variables into _level0 of your flash movie, when in fact you declare your variables on this search button.
    Third (and a difference between as1 and as2) is that empty string variables which used to default to 0 in as1 now will default to undefined
    Hope some of this gets you going.

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