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Thread: xml: displaying it and modifying it

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    xml: displaying it and modifying it

    He kirupeans, I hope all is good. I have an xml file that I want to be able to display it nicely formatted in xhtml or anything else as long as its viewable in the browser. At the same time I need to be able to modify, add, delete items in that list. This would actually rewrite the xml file.

    So far Ive found about xslt, that is used to style xml. The main disadvantage of this is that it only works in Internet explorer. And then for the rewriting Im thinking about using php. To be honest, Im having trouble figuring out how to rewrite the xml file with php, it seems like its going to be a nightmare....although Im willing to do whatever it takes.

    So I came here to kirupa land to see if anybody can give me a better solution than xslt and php, or maybe you guys know of some good tutorials I can read where these topics are addressed. Any suggestions will be appreciatted.

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    Yesterday I managed to learn and understand xslt. Pretty straightforward for my needs and I managed to get some good results. From now on its just a matter of tweaking the css to make it look good. Take a look at how I managed to style my .xml file using xslt

    Now all I need is to learn how to rewrite that xml file through php. Ill take a look at the tutorial you posted but Im sure that there are differences in rewrting a plain text file and rewriting an xml file. Regardless Ill take a look at it, thanks !!!

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