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Thread: checking in a database if user has completed form??

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    checking in a database if user has completed form??


    i'm wanting to check someone against a database that if they have finished the form and submitted can i put like a "1" or a word saying "completed" next to their name and email in the database??

    any ideas??

    Cheers Peeps
    ps.. i know how to add the users to the database when they enter their name and email at the start of the form...and i know how to make sure only one email address gets enetered instead having multiple entries of the one email. So it's just the checking of when completed the form.

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    sorry i'll quickly refrase it...when the user completes the form i will have their name and email and a "1" or "completed" number/word show up in the column next to their coresponding email address so that whoever looks at the database knows who has done completed the form and who hasn't


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    What you can do is add a column called "completed". When user logs in it checks if completed is equals to 1 or 0, if it equals to 0 it will say "Form not done", if it equals to 1 it will say nothing. When user finishes the form... a query shall be applied making "completed" equal to 1.

    Check if user completed the form:
    PHP Code:
    "SELECT completed FROM userinfo WHERE user='{$user}'";
    $query mysql_fetch_assoc(mysql_query($sql));
    $query['completed'] = 0||empty($query['completed'])) {
    '<a href="goForm.php">Please do the form first</a>";
    I'm not exactly sure if this is what you want...

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