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Thread: [ASP/MS SQL] - Couple of Q's

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    [ASP/MS SQL] - Couple of Q's


    1) In your connection string do you(should you) specify a connection timeout?
    For example
    MyConnection.ConnectionTimeout = 30

    If so what shoud that be, and what is the advatange or disadvantage to either setting it to infinity or a specified time?

    2) What would cause a table corruption in a MS SQL database table? Basically we have a site log table that logs the sites activity, that table out of no where became 'currupted'?

    3) Currently when we reboot the server, our site isn't available to anyone, is there a way without mirroring the server to either 1 keep that site up or add a message to people trying to access the site? We reboot the server every morning which was previously questioned by a bunch of members here - I'm not sure why we do it (it guy handles that).

    So any info on these topics would be highly appreciated.


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    Haven't done a lot of ASP stuff for a while as I decided to make the switch to PHP and never looked back....

    I never bothered setting a timeout in my connection strings, but I guess this is possibly personal preference. Obviously, if you don't set one, it may mean that less people get returned errors, providing they are willing to wait a lengthy amount of time. Thinking about it, if I'm on a site and some sort of form/processing/validation is taking ages i just hit stop, and then back, and try again, which may not always be the best solution. So if you specifically set your timeout to something which you feel is sensible, and the redirect users to a friendly error page it might be more user intuitive.

    I have no idea about the currupt db, maybe someone did a wee on your server. As for the rebooting, I can't see how you could keep the site up if the server is down. If you don't want to mirror the whole thing, perhaps just set up one page somewhere that has a friendly "Site is currently down for maintenance". If you are rebooting your server at the same time everyday, you could possibly set up some sort of chron job to automatically set up this redirect at the approprite times.

    Having said that, I really don't see why a server should need to be rebooted every single day. It would kind of seem to defeat the point of having a dedicated server. Possibly you're IT guy needs a rebooting up the backside.

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    Well thanks for the info.

    I think the redirect for the timeout issue is a great idea. In this case what was happening was when you first hit the site we log your information, well since the table was corrupted we were getting hit with a timeout error. So I guess if we can globally check for any timeout it's would be a real good solution to just redirect on error.

    Regarding the rebooting of the server, man everyone has told me the same thing. Problem being the IT guy has been here for 20 years and he partially owns the company; also I don't know enough about it to argue the fact he's rebooting it everyday.


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