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Thread: Require search engine for HTML website. Need suggestions.

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    Puzzled and Perplexed

    Require search engine for HTML website. Need suggestions.


    Well, first off I'd like to apologize if I'm adding to a multitude of posts on this subject. I realize that you may see questions like this quite often, and you may be sick of seeing them.

    But I'd like to mention that I did indeed perform a search in this forum in an attempt at finding a solution, and I could not find anything wholly relevant and solved. Although I must admit, its possible I used different sets of search terms that failed me and you may know of search terms that would get more relevant results. But I can't help that, so I've created this thread.

    My Problem.
    I'm creating a website for a friendly client. Its for the business my Dad works for, they throw jobs to me when they can. There is no fixed deadline, there is no emergency or rush at this point, which helps, because I'm going to need more time then usual. Although, there is also no hope at pay. All I'll get out of this is experience, and an extra website for my portfolio.

    So far I've built websites entirely in Flash. I'm more comfortable in building them in Flash, and I've only accepted freelance jobs that were within my capabilities.
    I've built several Full Flash websites for them before, but this time they want a HTML/Flash Hybrid website. Pretty much entirely HTML with FLash animations, and small Flash applications to add interactivity, look and feel.
    This will require me to learn and research things I haven't been forced to do before.

    So far the requirements is this: "Build a website for us that looks and feels similar to"
    Thats fine, but that request includes (I double checked) the implementation of a search engine. Something that will allow a visitor to the website and potential customer to search the website for products and or information that they're looking for. This is the immediate problem, barrier to be solved.
    This is a small company. Also a semi-small website. They sell printing.
    I haven't built the website yet. Or even started, I'm waiting to see if the search engine requires certain layout or design changes that need to be in mind from the start.
    The products won't be added, removed or changed that often.
    They won't get to be so many as to be unmanageable either. So at the moment, I don't see a reason why a Mysql database needs to be used in order to store the products, and other information to be displayed on the website. Basically because I'm not comfortable using Mysql yet, I'd like to avoid that route if at all possible. BUT if you and or others truly insist on it, I'll bite the bullet and increase my research into PHP and MYSQL via tutorials. But still, I was hoping to leave those subjects until later after I've completed more training on Flash Actionscript. (My Macromedia University subscription expires this spring)

    I've looked at and they've got little gif images placed around it saying "search powered by Google"
    First question: Is this also available to me?
    Is Adobes search (
    Powered by this?:
    If so, does anyone have suggestions, tips, alternatives and or advice in getting that Google Ajax search to look and operate in the way that Adobe has it setup?

    Also can you or others offer information from your personal store of knowledge on the following:

    • What would you recommend using for a search engine?
    • What's involved in making one from scratch?
    • What other free, and semi-easy to implement solutions are available for this kind of project?
    • Can you point out any specific tutorials (I:E not just providing a link to that is relevant to this, and would assist in my understanding and use of what's required?

    I truly appreciate your reading this far, I bet that most hits registered under 'thread views' only looked at this post briefly before closing the window in panic. So I'd like to say thank you.
    Even if you don't post a reply, or you can't help me. I thank you for making the attempt, and showing interest in the first place.

    I think thats all I can post on this for now.
    Right now I'm going to preview this post, and check for blatant grammatical and spelling errors. Then I'll continue my search on the internet for hope.
    I promise to reply to this thread if I've found a solution.
    So if there is no such post from me, then you know I still need help.

    Thanks again.

    Given up on being a web developer.
    Using my limited knowledge of the Job for personal projects and Family endeavors.

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    I havent read all your post but I woudl reccomend the standard google search with domain search extra (Bottom option)
    its simpler to use then the ajax one

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    here is a more effective AJAX search system by google (I think same one as adobes)

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    Puzzled and Perplexed
    Thanks for your help.

    I looked at the first solution you posted, and It won't work.
    Well, I mean it works, but I can't use it.
    It looks too much like google still, and detracts from the website.
    I'm currently exploring and reading up on the second suggestion you've made.
    Hopefully it'll work out.

    Thanks again
    Given up on being a web developer.
    Using my limited knowledge of the Job for personal projects and Family endeavors.

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    There is a third one I use to have link to but cant remember it, It allows you to host the search page so it would be that way you could then also add your own styles and stuff so it looks custom, if I remember what its called or the link ill post it for you. (and its still google powered)

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    Puzzled and Perplexed
    That sounds really good. I'd appreciate it if you could find a link for that, or possibly list some keywords for me to search online with that you remember being associated with it.

    Sorry to say, but I still hadn't gotten a chance to look at the second option properly yet. Shortly after I posted on thursday, my computer started fighting me. It pretty much dropped down to 20% efficiency, took forever to load the simplest of web pages, open documents, applications etc...
    So that day I started doing utility scans etc... Found corrupt files etc..
    At the end of the scans I decided to De-fragment my main Hard Drive Its about 150 gigs in size. Well, since I'd never de-fragmented it before It finished this afternoon. At times I was wondering if something was wrong, but the blocks remaining kept slowly ticking down over the weekend (not while I was watching however, felt like watching water boil, it changed after i left and came back) Anyway, I'm chalking up the long de-frag time to my having a non-new computer, and having been lax about maintenance.
    At any rate everything seems to be back to normal and I can resume my previous activities.
    Oh and to top it off, friday afternoon I fell ill. Sore throat, followed by fever etc.. still not well, but can stand staring at computer monitor
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    Given up on being a web developer.
    Using my limited knowledge of the Job for personal projects and Family endeavors.

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    well I have explored and this should help top link, it has some extra functions like enabling to either search the web or just certain sites owned by you and also you can use the code on your site.

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    Puzzled and Perplexed
    I think that might work, still some research and experimentation required though.

    Thanks for all your help and patience!

    Given up on being a web developer.
    Using my limited knowledge of the Job for personal projects and Family endeavors.

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