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Thread: Shopping cart malfunction?

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    Robot1 Shopping cart malfunction?

    php to SQL posting problem
    I recently had a program written in php for e-commerce, but there seems to be a problem with the posting of the cart id to the SQL table. The designer is no longer available for questions, so I had hoped to get some help here. I have a brief knowledge of php, but just cant seem to track the problem down.

    There are two tables used for the cart:

    store_shopping_cart and

    Everything works fine until you try to add an item to the cart. It tries to enter a null value into store_shopping_cart_items for the column shopping_cart_id

    The shopping cart id obviously cannot be null or there could be major confusion between different customers.

    I know you need more information and to look at the code to give me an answer, but there are many dependent php files (classes.php,common.php, etc.) I didnt want to post them all here and waste a bunch of space..

    Could some1 contact me and help me track this problem down? I'd like to get the site up and working asap because its a much better design than our current site.


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    if you want someone to fix it, my opinion is that you should ask a mod to move this to job offers, then get some paid help. basically, i don't think anyone will dig through your code to find the bug without compensation.

    if you just want some guidance, you need to:
    - check that the store_shopping_cart is being populated
    - check that the auto generated (should be) shopping_cart_id is being returned
    - check that shopping_cart_id is being maintained somewhere

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