We have a script (Flash passes variables to PHP, PHP does the lifting) that we are using as a contact form on our site that we want to modify to simply autorespond to them with an email and a file attached Word Doc.

First, I hate to reinvent the wheel so if somebody knows of this already existing, please give a pointer.

If not. . .

Here is our existing script.

// Please change the value of these variables to your liking.
$YourWebpageAddress = "http://www.xx.com/";
$YourSiteName = Support";
$YourCompanyEmailAddress = "xx@xx.com";
$to = "xx@xx.com"; 
// You can also change the value of these variables, but it is optional!
$subject = "Narrator Files Contact Form";
$headers = "From: Request Form";
$forward = "";
$location = "";

	$FullName = $_POST['FullName'];
	$EmailAddress = $_POST['EmailAddress'];
	$Company = $_POST['Company'];
	$Address = $_POST['Address'];
	$City = $_POST['City'];
	$State = $_POST['State'];
	$ZipCode = $_POST['ZipCode'];
	$PhoneNumber = $_POST['PhoneNumber'];
	$Ext = $_POST['Ext'];
	$Request = $_POST['Request'];
// Please don't change these lines ==========================
$date = date ("l, F jS, Y"); 
$time = date ("h:i A"); 
$msg = "Below are the results of your request form.
Full Name: $FullName
Email Address: $EmailAddress
Company: $Company
Address: $Address
City: $City
State: $State
Zip Code: $ZipCode
Phone Number: $PhoneNumber
Extension: $Ext
Request: $Request
It was submitted on $date at $time.
mail($to, $subject, $msg, $headers);

//Sending Confirmation Email to the user--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------;
$ConfirmationEmailMsg = "
Hi $FullName,

Thank you for contacting $YourSiteName.
We will contact you as soon as your request gets reviewed.


$YourSiteName .
$ConfirmationEmailSubject = "Thanks For Contacting $YourSiteName.";
mail($EmailAddress, $ConfirmationEmailSubject, $ConfirmationEmailMsg, "From: $YourCompanyEmailAddress");
print "_root.contact.PHPStatus=success\n Thank you. \n $YourSiteName .";
We would be looking to modify the second email ($ConfirmationEmailMsg) to include a file attachment. Ideally that attachment would be expressed as a variable that we will be passing from Flash.

I'm much more of a hacker than a programmer, so please forgive the question if it is simple. I've looked around quite a bit and can't find an easy answer.