Many thanks for those who put on kirupa the tutorial about contact form, which can be found at http://www.kirupa.com/web/php_contact_form.htm

I tested it directely on the server of one of my sites, and the "sending message" step is working well.

Still, my problem is the next one:

1. Even if the form sends the email to the recipient, in the header, at From: line, it always appears "Nobody <nobody@boar.unixbsd.info>", and in the Subject line, it appears "Nobody". But this doesn't appear in the mailer.php code.

2. Moreover, the real name and email address appears olny in the body of the message, and not in the header.

I would very much appreciate your help for at least the firs problem, as there is no professional to send an email via the mail form, which has two senders: one, "Nobody", in the header, and the second, the real, in the body message.

Look forward to read your anwers,


PS You can try to see how it works, by sending yourself an email from the page I created with the kirupa mail form. Go at http://www.culturapersoanei.ro/test/...action=contact