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Thread: Free subdomain creators..?

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    Free subdomain creators..?

    Are there any scripts in the www out there that allow people to fill in some details in a form and then it is sent and then the subdomain they wanted it created with FTP, EMAIL and such?

    For more details its something like a free host. this would be really handy.

    Im using CPanel X if that is what they require.

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    Ask the support at your webhost!

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    ^ I've asked them but they said to look over
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    ^That would probs be hard Im guessing, as you would have to set up the DNS, Mail server etc etc, unless you find a program that can eb easily configued, but for security reason I dont think its a good idea, unless you know what your doing-
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    I suppose you could do it with a more powerful server-side language, python or something like that. But the script would have to know how your normal FTP and E-Mail users are created.

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    Ok, so after hours, and hours AND HOURS of searching. I found a possible one. Just testing it now.

    It says in the features that it hosts forums (phpBB2) and free hosting...

    So ill give it a try.

    Well, what a waste of space that was.
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    i konw media temple allows you to create sub domains on the fly but just adding in a folder with a certain name.

    You could use php to create that folder. I also know that some hosts allow the type of sub domain creation.

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    ^Hes not with media template so.
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    i just thought i'd mention it as some host do allow that sort. An his/her host may allow it to

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    You can use CURL in php to post the form data required in cpanel... so it would be like you going into cpanel and creating the subdomain, but php doing it

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    thanks, I havent tried CURL yet, but bugboy. No. My host doesnt allow me because it has to set up all the DNS
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