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Thread: Special Characters: Flash + PHP + MySQL

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    Special Characters: Flash + PHP + MySQL


    I made a small user registration and login system with Flash front-end, but when I try to write values with special characters to the db, I get something else. For example, an is recorded as á.

    I've found lots of information about issues like this, but couldn't solve it yet.

    - In the swf file, I got System.useCodePage=true;. I create a loadVars objectand send it to the db thru a php script using sendAndLoad with POST.

    - If I execute a query in the dB's command line, the value is written correctly.

    - In PHP, I'm converting the string to utf8: $variable = utf8_encode($variable);

    - MySQL version is 4.1.21 standard, The character set and collation is utf8_unicode_ci and utf_8.

    Well, I don't know if this is enough to show what's the problem, I'm really going crazy with this. Any help will be appreciated.

    Thanks a lot, regards.

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    what does echo $variable look like?

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    If I return to flash the value of $variable like this:

    $variable2 = $variable;

    I get into flash the right value, the special characters are displayed ok. In this case I avoided using utf8_encode($variable);

    Anyway, when it's written into the database, the problem is the same.

    I changed every utf_8 in the db to latin1, turned off system.useCodePage in Flash, but the characters are not correctly saved yet.

    Thanks a lot!

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    I finally made it work changing the db's character set to latin1 and using charset=utf8 in the html document where I embed the swf file.
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