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Thread: [php] re-declare function error

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    [php] re-declare function error

    This is how my site works: Index.php is the shell of the site. It has all the graphics and layout tables. Each link is structured like index.php?sec=contact. I use $_GET to find which section the user wants to go to. And then I load the page content by running secCode(). secCode() is the function in contact.php, for example, that contains all the contact content.

    PHP Code:
    $section $_GET['sec'];
    $section .= ".php";
    I've done include("constants.php") in index.php, but whenever I load a whateverSection.php, the constants are no longer in scope. So I re-include constants.php within the section code. This is where the re-declare error lies. How do I fix it?
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    there's no reason to include your files more than once. really, you should probably be using require_once instead of include. if you require constants.php at the top of your index you should be fine.

    also, your current method is a big security risk. you should be validating that GET request. and you should take your variables out of double quotes. use single quotes for strings. something like this should work:

    PHP Code:
    require_once( 'constants.php' );

    $validSecs = array(

    in_array$_GET['sec'], $validSecs ) ) {
    $_GET['sec'].'.php' );
    else {
    'home.php' );


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