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Thread: Can someone tell me what they think of my new project?

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    Can someone tell me what they think of my new project?

    Ok. I have an idea for a project:
    Omni will be a sort of universal profile. There will two Omni 'products':

    The first, OmniProfile, will be a MySpace/FaceBook-esque profile page. It will contain the following:
    • Picture/Avatar
    • Profile Content/About Me
    • Nickname
    • Links To Other Profiles (For example, a link to the person's MySpace)
    • Notifications (For example, a new message notification on MySpace, new article on Google Reader, etc.
    • CSS Customizable
    • Details + Contact Info
    The second, OmniCard will be a small summary of what is on the OmniProfile, in image form so that it is easily embedded in signatures, etc. Sort of like an internet business card.
    • Picture
    • One sentence "About Me"
    • Nickname
    • Links To Other Services
    • Three Recent Notifications
    • Some Details (Age, gender, real name)
    My goals when developing Omni are as follows:
    • Make Use of XML
    • Use CSS to structure the layout
    • Use Javascript
    • Keep the markup clean and separated from the code
    So...questions? Comments? Think it's a good idea? Think it's stupid? Are my goals dumb?

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    too late!

    looks like somebody is already doing this:

    plus competing against myspace and facebook will probably be difficult.

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