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Thread: Last one from GaryZero

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    Last one from GaryZero

    I took a photo of my daughter on my cell phone back when she was 8 mos, she's 10 mos. now. Anyway I was looking at it on my desktop this morning and I saw something very strange. Don't know it it was the filter I applied back then or actually something in her but it had to be a footer.

    Last one from me is titled MuiMui.

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    what does mos mean?

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    mos. = months if I understand it right...

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    sorry mos = military occupational specialty. Just kidding I meant months.

    What I meant by in her, was it looked liked 2 little shadow creatures were in her left eye.

    I was playing loco roco over the weekend and thats what hit me when I saw the pic on my desktop this morning.

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    great game

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