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Thread: [PHP] Binary JPEG POST; DL as octet: OK. How should you display inline for save?

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    [PHP] Binary JPEG POST; DL as octet: OK. How should you display inline for save?

    I have a post coming into a PHP page that is a JPEG image. Right now I'm reading 'php://input' with fopen and fread and printing the contents using headers of (basically):
    'Content-Type: application/octet-stream'
    'Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=image.jpg'

    This works. The image downloads and you can see it just fine. However, I was trying to get the image to be viewed inline within the browser. I was doing that apparently fine using a header of:
    'Content-Type: image/jpeg'

    However, if you try to save the image, it doesn't work. What happens is (I think) the page is re-called for the download sans POST data and my "there is no image" error message gets thrown in in place of the JPEG content - again, I think.

    Either way, is there any way to get that to work right (other than a temp file created on the server)?


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    i don't know of a way to do it without creating a temp jpeg. i've been playing with it (for the kirupa footer contest actually) and will continue to do so. i'll repost if i come across anything.

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    Cool, thanks. I think currently my plan is just jump straight to the download. If I want a HTML page to display the picture as well as be downloadable, I'll probably do the temp file thing.

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