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Thread: Quick White Flash before Flash load on website

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    Quick White Flash before Flash load on website

    Hello. I'm fairly new to flash and built a website, that does both images and flash. I have 3 flash files, 1 for a top animation, 1 for a navigation, and 1 for my bottom header. Anytime I load a page or click a link to visit the next page from an external link, like going from page1.html to page2.html, it instantly loads everything besides the flash files, which blink WHITE for half a second, then displays the content in the flash files. I've looked up some information on, and came across what some other have recommended to other users having the same issue, which they mention using a preloader.

    this is what the white flash looks like on my website
    " the white areas are the flash files a second before they load "

    So, I tired to create a preloader with no luck at all. I followed instructions perfectly to add in a preloader for my animation but i kept getting errors upon a preloader loading and it wouldn't load the content. Now, my project in Flash 8 looks like this, have 1 layer on the timeline, which that 1 layer has 1 frame, which that 1 frame has a movie on the fram and when you double click it, then leads to the animation I created for that movie. (i've provided images below for you guys to see.)

    Part 1:
    Part 2:

    My question would be:
    How do I add in a preloader for a project from the above images i've posted? If someone could point me in the right direction to a tutorial, or post some instruction steps on how to perform this that would be awesome. The white flashing is just terrible looking and I've been spending all day try to find a fix for this.

    Thanks guys, I love the site. this site finally made me step up to flash and eat it like an apple, just gotta get the white flash thing gone. Thanks again.
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    jjcorreia's Avatar
    Flash Game Developer
    Preloader or not, it will still flash white sometimes as the file is initializing and nothing yet exists in it.

    Go into the html code and set the background color on the swf embed object to be the color of your page. If there is no color set, it will do things like that.

    In this example, my page is black, so I set bgcolor="#000000":

    <embed src="file.swf" width="560" height="25" quality="high" pluginspage="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" bgcolor="#000000"></embed>

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    Thank you very much jjcorreia!

    but i got 1 more question, is it possible to instead have it show just a bgcolor, an actually background image? in the code?

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    jjcorreia's Avatar
    Flash Game Developer
    Try using the wmode parameter instead. Replace bgcolor="#000000" with wmode="transparent". Remember that parameters often should be duplicated inside the object tag as well as the embed tag as shown above.

    HTML Code:
     <param name=wmode value=transparent>
    HTML Code:
     <param name="bgcolor " value="#000000">
    If you want it transparent you may wish to pull out your bgcolor parameters if its causing problems.

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    Thank You very much!

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    jjcorreia's Avatar
    Flash Game Developer
    No problem. Let me know if it works out good

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    Quote Originally Posted by jjcorreia View Post
    No problem. Let me know if it works out good
    seems to work out, but the transparency on the actual flash file bleeds through to the background. I had to redesign the animation just a little bit to get the real feeling that I wanted to use the transparent background, but yes, learned another thing today. Thanks Again JJCORREIA.
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    jjcorreia's Avatar
    Flash Game Developer
    Ya, transparent mode makes the whole background transparent so its going to be like that throughout. Its used for certain effects

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    some browsers require the following...

    <param name="wmode" value="transparent">

    // leaving the " " will cause some browsers not to display this code correctly.

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    jjcorreia's Avatar
    Flash Game Developer
    You should use them always anyway. I may not have included the quotes in the actual code posted (because of quick posting) but you'll notice above it I did.

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    Still an issue on Linux

    Changing all references to background color in the HTML page, embed code, and even making the flash movie to black or other desired color does not seem to fix it on Linux. Setting background to transparent also does not work.

    We ran the same file on a MAC in Firefox and it does not have the white flash. But when we tried it in both Opera and Firefox on Linux we had no luck. The white flash was still there. Running the SWF in the browser without embedding it in HTML produces the same white flash as well.

    Any other ideas we can try to fix this issue?

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