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Thread: MySQL database and HTML?

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    MySQL database and HTML?

    I have a problem with data adding form..
    Ok, so when I added fields into MySQL database through phpmyadmin, I made there many fields which are 'ENUM' or 'SET' and I wrote few options under those fields.
    Now when I have this Html form which can edit old items or add new items into database.
    I would like to get scrollbars for those 'ENUM' or 'SET' fields, but how?
    I have here a simple html code:

    <SELECT NAME="xxx">
    <OPTION> 1
    <OPTION> 2
    <OPTION> 3
    <OPTION> 4
    <OPTION> 5

    The problem is that I don't know how to get the options from database into <OPTION> 1, <OPTION> 2 and so on...

    I hope that somebody understood what I ment here...

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    PHP Code:

    function getOptions($field,$table) {
    $result=mysql_query("SHOW COLUMNS FROM `$table` LIKE '$field'");
       } else {
    $options as $val) {
    $optionList.="<option value='$val'>$val</option>";

    // example
    $options getOptions('fieldnamehere','tablenamehere');
    "<select name='blah'>";

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