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Thread: problems installing apache and php

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    problems installing apache and php

    Hi All
    I was folowing this kirupa's tutorial
    to install this damn php and apache to learn this php thing, i dont know whats happen but its not working
    I mean, in the end it loads html that is inside the stldocs folder, but gives a error when it comes with php
    It may be because when i was installing php i didnt click in 'let php configure apache'?
    Also, i could not find the files it tells us to download, so i get a newest version of those, something in the httpd file has to be diferent for that?
    I am completely lost, i dont want to be an expert in handle web servers, all i want is to test my php and mysql scripts
    Also, english is not my first language, so i apologize for any mistake
    Thanks in advance

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    One more thing, when he says 'change the chmod in windows, go to properties, security...'
    i could not find this
    I am using win xp

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    Dude just go to and install that ....unless you've set out to learn specifically how to install and config the individual application, this will give you an instant local development environment

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    get WAMPServer : Link

    or xampp which istalls apache for you : Link
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    WAMPserver is what I started on.

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    And for that do i need to uninstall the php i already has intalled ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aquilonian View Post
    And for that do i need to uninstall the php i already has intalled ?
    To be on the safe side I would

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    I agree with the rest these peeps. WAMP has never let me down ! (note: it can chew up some memory though)
    Last edited by DaveMania; January 1st, 2007 at 06:05 PM.

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    Deleta and remove your current PHP and Appache etc and then just use wampserver, and then when you get REALLY good you can setup a custom appache PHP stystem

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    Ok, thanks everyone,i will see what i can learn from this wamp server
    Anyway, i deleted apache but could not find the php to delete in windows add/remove programs
    The php i clicked 'install' is gone when i deleted apache?
    I am afraid i will have troubles with wamp this way

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    Besides, even with this wamp working, its better to fix that tutorial cos it makes a bad impression of this site

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    however you write those things theyre confusing, the software itself is confusing at first.

    Ive still never done it, ive always used a linux server.

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    I used to think apache was the server that cames with linux

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    it does most of the time, linux = OS, appache = web-server handler thingy

    appache runs of linux, but linux servers are easy as most of them come with appache, PHP and MySQL set-up

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    Will you have problems if you do not get rid of the apache and php files?
    It will happen, it happend to me.
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