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Thread: VB C+ And Database help

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    VB C+ And Database help

    I have been assigned a project that will require a knowlege of Visual Basic 6, C+, in an SQL, Microsoft Access database. I was wondering if there were any "crash course" type tutorials about this stuff...I would also like to have a chat with someone who has
    done this type of thing. Kirupa cats have NEVER let me down, so I thank you all in advance

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    <B>Raydred</B> (member of the forum) works with C# (not C+, but C#), ASP.NET and things like that, perhaps he will know.

    Heres his profile...

    I am pretty sure he won't mind if you PM or e-mail him.

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    *hears hero music..* Did someone say Raydred?!

    hehe jk

    which DB will you be using, SQL, or Access, they are diff..

    as for vb 6 and c+ i have never done c+ (but im geting good at c#) and vb6 i just hate lol hmm im sure there are tons of resources online, what i ussually do is go to and type the computer language im looking for then the subject ex: c+ tutorials..

    anyway hope this helps maybe if you describe a bit of what you need to do i can help you further

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    I guess I am in trouble...
    okay, here's the setup

    >10-12 ppl using the same database. (password protected)
    >Built using Access 97
    >Languages used are C++ and VB 6
    >Everything of course on a server....(SQL ?)
    >WHOLE bunch of data
    >I hate VB too...(from what I have learned thusfar)
    >My task will be to "maintain" this database.
    >It is already built.
    >In the future, I will tranfer the data and use Access with MDAC, Coldfusion, Dreamweaver, Flash...ect. (the stuff I understand)
    >To "maintain" such a database, I need to AT LEAST have a knowledge about how the "guts" of this thing work.
    >Just a basic layout in lamen's terms for SQL server technology would help.
    >Oh, it is also linked up to a local intranet
    >The "guru" that built this thing left.
    >I will either become "guru II", or fill in untill the next guru is found.


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