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Thread: take control of the mouse? possible?

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    take control of the mouse? possible?

    Hi! I've searched the forums, but can't find no way of controlling the mouse position.
    What I need to do is this:

    Take control of the mouse, move it from it's relative position to another position, and then give the user back control.

    Any ideas?

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    This has come up before and I may be wrong but I don't think its possible.
    The only way that im aware of that might give the effect your looking for is to hide the cursor and take its place with a movie clip and move that arround.
    But then the mouse wouldn't be in that spot when control is restored.

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    There's noway of taking control of the users mouse but here's an alternative...

    I was gonna write out a list of things you could do but seen as I'm such a nice guy and I'm having a slow day, I took the liberty of making a very basic example. I've commented the code to briefly explain whats goin on...enjoy!

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    Hehe...I like it
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    lewi-p: I couldn't find any code in there but:

    //Hide the mouseMc
    mouseMc._visible = false;
    //Show the users mouse;
    where is the stuff that makes it work?

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    figured it out. just had to change "current selection". thanks a lot! amazing how differently people use this programs.

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