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Thread: a script in this movie is causing flash to run slowly

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    a script in this movie is causing flash to run slowly

    A script in this movie is causing Adobe Flash Player 9 to run slowly. If it continues to run, your computer may become unresponsive. Do you want to abort the script?

    That is the error message I am getting. I have searched the kirupa forums and see that there are some responses to other users that have also run into this error - and they tend to be that the code (a loop) was written poorly. I can't seem to figure out a way to tackle the problem because I believe I am dealing with a users bandwidth and file size instead of a poorly written loop.

    I am using a multiple file uploader movie (source) and it is giving me that error message when the upload files are large and take awhile to upload. Does anyone have any suggestions on getting Flash to not display the error message when uploading large files over a slow connection? Additionally I am willing to look at other options, so if you know of a "Better" flash script that will do multiple file uploads please post those here too.

    Thanks for your time and assistance.

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    Anyone have any ideas?

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    We are gonna need a lot more details here man...

    1 - where is the movie playing?
    2 - where is it loading the files from?
    3 - where is it loading the files to?
    4 - what kind of files are we talking about here?
    5 - do you have any actionscript running in the movie currently?

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    yes so many different reasons. But perhaps the simplest is simply a bug / error in code.

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    thanks for the response guys, and i apologize that i didn't provide better information from the get-go. unfortunately i don't know many of the answers because i didn't write any of the flash - i just downloaded it (page with description/zip with source) and started to use it, ran into this problem, and then started searching for help. i have no questions about whether there is a bug in the source code, i just have no idea how to solve the bug.

    To answer everything the best i can:

    1 - where is the movie playing?
    not sure i understand this one to be honest. the movie is playing in the browser. it is just embedded into a page so that users can submit multiple files and upload them to the server. i browse to the page that has the movie embedded, it allows me to select multiple files from my hard drive and then press submit - it then uploads those files to the server. this functionality is all working correctly at this time, there is just the error message that the script is taking too long.

    2 - where is it loading the files from?
    files are being uploaded to the server from my local machine.

    3 - where is it loading the files to?
    files are being uploaded to my server. this functionality is working correctly at this time.

    4 - what kind of files are we talking about here?
    currently i am talking about image files (primarily jpg). in the future we may integrate other file types also, but for now just images.

    5 - do you have any actionscript running in the movie currently?
    to be honest, i'm not sure, but i assume there is.

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    some additional information that i found that might be relevant.

    this is a posting on the page that is referencing the same issue:
    the only way i’ve been able to alleviate the issue is by completely commenting out the onProgress calls. with the onProgress calls, it seems to slow the script during larger files (20mb or so). any ideas? thoughts?

    i assume that onProgress functionality is where i should be focusing my time. is there some way to have the onProgress functionality notify <whatever> would give me the error that the script is taking a long time?

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    you are dealing with a surprisingly sophisticated piece of coding here!

    What is it precisely you need to do? I suspect there is an easier approach for you.

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    my needs are pretty simple: i need something that will allow me to upload multiple files to a web server. multiple could mean a whole directory, 100 files, or 2 files. i turned to flash because the java applet options seemed more of a pain in the ***.

    if you happen to know of a flash project that does this without the same problems i am experiencing i would have no problem switching over.

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    I am assuming that you are making this app for users to use, and not for personal use, cause if it was for personal use it would be a simple FTP application that would do the trick.

    I do not know of anything EASY that would do the trick. But i am fairly confident that a PHP solution would likely be easier to implement.

    How customizable does it need to be?
    What is it being integrated into?

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    i am pretty proficient in php, and the majority of the functionality that will be used is php. the problem is that there is no manner to upload multiple items within html. if someone wants to upload 100 pictures i can't expect them to click a browse button and find each one of them. the flash script provides a methodology to easily upload multiple items. unfortunately there is this little problem...

    is there a way to fix this problem?

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    well i will straight with you, i dont really have the stamina to digg through those files to find the problem...

    but i would suggest that flash does give you that response when remote response times are wicked slow... like say when the files you are uploading are being called from a network drive

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    Hi I'm getting the same error, except I get it during an interactive game when other players spam a lot of smiles like this:


    When I click on "abort script," the game is frozen, and I have to log back into the game to resume playing, but the spammers usually just continue to spoil everyone's fun.

    So basically, my question is this: Is there a way to stop the script, or do I just have to put up with it?

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