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Thread: Desperate need of Help with a partial completed PHP script..almost done

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    Desperate need of Help with a partial completed PHP script..almost done

    Hey guys.

    Just something simple here.

    Here are the following scripts I have for my php scripts.

    PHP Code:

    PRINT "<center><FONT SIZE=-1 face=verdana>"; PRINT "$contact_name, thank you for filling out our online quote submission form.";
    "</center><p><center><TABLE border=0 width=500";
    "cellspacing=0 cellpadding=7>"; PRINT "<TR><TD><FONT SIZE=-1 face=verdana>"; PRINT "Your $quantity quantity of $job_name $job_type job have been submitted to West Coast Graphics.  You should be receiving a confirmation email at $email email address within the next 5 minutes. If you have not received this confirmation email, please contact us at (916) 641-5790.  If you have any other comments, feel free to contact us by phone or by email at [email][/email].
      We appreciate your business with West Coast Graphics as we are always looking to improve our ways to better service your printing needs."
    "<br>Thank you,<br>";
    "West Coast Graphics";

    mail("$email""Your Request for $job_type quotes""Hello $contact_name,
    \nThank you for submitting a quote through our online submission process.  This email confirms that you have successfully requested a quote for 
    $quantity of $job_name $job_type job.  A West Coast Graphics associate will process your request and fax your quote to $fax.  If this is the wrong fax number, please contact us 916-641-5790.
    \nThank you once again.\nWest Coast Graphics"

    mail("""Request for $quantity $job_type Quote Online""A request for a quote has been submitted through our online form:
    \n\n\n "

    Here's my problem. When the emails get sent, the from field comes up as it is from How would I edit the From field in PHP?

    Desperate need of help. Please? Thank you.

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    this thread explains it in the 6th post down:

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    Hello again Jubba. Thanks for the help again. Here's my problem though. I just tried it, but it didn't work. When I get the email after they fill out my online form, the from field comes up as it is from Any ideas or solutions?

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    you tried adding headers? you have to edit the headers to get the e-mail to say what you want it to say. Your script is too messy for me to edit. so i'll do this:

    PHP Code:
    $subject "subject";
    $message "message";
    $headers "From: YourName <WhateverEmailAddressYouwant>";

    I don't know what you want it so say so I can't be more specific...

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    Thank you Jubba. Now I know PHP. It's about time. Thank you so much.

    Everything works out well.

    thank you again.

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    no problem.

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