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Thread: I need the best, ergonomic Programmer's chair!!!

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    I need the best, ergonomic Programmer's chair!!!

    Hello, All.

    Can anyone suggest to me the ultimate chair for programmers? I am spending more and more hours in front of my pc programming, and my lower and upper back, as well as my elbows are killing me! I have gone through 2 chairs already that were supposed to be ergonomic, but they dont really work like I need them to.

    Is there a chair of choice for programmers?!?!?



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    A good chair is a good chair, no matter who is using it; it doesn't matter if you're programming or checking your email. Anyhow. I have one of these, and I love it.

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    Oh Contraire mon fraire...(or something like that). A chair is not a chair when spending multiple hours programming versus a few moments casually surfing/checking email! I have the herniated disks to prove it!

    Anyway, this chair looks promising.


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    I certainly like the chair I linked. I edited the post for clarity too.

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    shane-c....Your site is a lot like a transvestite in that respect.
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    Hahaha. Maybe with a wireless keyboard and such?

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    ... well, the people at Microsoft told me they use the Herman Miller Aeron Chair, and it is supposed to be THE chair of all chairs for programmers. Its priced from $899-1200, which is less than the cool looking Neothrone. Plus, I think I'd spend more time LOOKING AT the neothrone than sitting in it, LOL!

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    Herman Miller Aeron

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    This is soooo going to turn into the "Post pics of the weirdest/most expensive chairs" thread

    I think you should visit my site.

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    get a la-z boy and a laptop

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    The one Darius posted is very popular, I think. I want one a lot… although it is quite expensive.

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    Those are awesome... i have 3 chairs in my work space I have a regular spinny chair thing and a lazy boy that I use in Tablet Mode and one of those dome chairs posted above
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    holy sh**...i would totally have that as my de-stressifyer, right in the corner of my office. I'd buy a do not disturb sign along with it...
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