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Thread: Introduce yourself! (reply only ONCE please)

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    Hi, I'm Jayden Foster.

    Traveller, freelance web designer, father of 2, 2k12 addict.
    I'm based in New York.

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    Sstruggling Programmer
    I am an Italian Living in Switzerland working for Germans, and thinking in English.... LOL very european.
    Began my programming struggle in 82 with one of the very first IBM PC sold in Italy, and my fate was set...
    programing is fun and keep using my brain cells, (Alzy get off...)
    Working from home and happy to answer to any question, i I know the answer of course....

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    Hello Everyone

    I'm Alvin, please to meet you. Look forward to participating in some great discussions about anything and everything.

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    Howard from Nashville. Have very random hobbies, but generally gravitate to anything outside.

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    Hi I am working as an seo analyst for the company from around past 2 years.

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    Hi , how are you doing all ? I'm new here . Hope you all will help me if I face any problem . Greetings to all . Take care .

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    name: salvatore;
    age: 23;
    job: english teacher, working in domain optimization company-china branch ;
    nationality: USA;
    location: xi'an, shanxi ;
    hobbies: teaching,translate chinese movies into english, lan. studies;
    edu: in college;
    movies: alot;
    specialty:IT,network,optimizing sites. making money.

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    Hi,there,I'm Jessica. I became the member just now. Actually, I don't like to introduce myself. OK. talk later then.

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    Hello everyone. I just joined the forum. I started using Flash at MX, for animation. At the moment I'm 15 and have just started programming. I'm learning ActionScript 3.0. I have also starting learning XML, HTML and JavaScript. I want to master as many web and server-side languages as I can, and after that I will learn Java, Python and C#.

    My hobbies include playing bass guitar, photography, gaming (mostly RPGs like Dragon Age and Fallout, but also other types of games like Minecraft, Halo, Mortal Kombat..), listening to music, and obviously computers/programming. My IQ is 142. I eat a lot of cereal, and my favourite movie is 'Scott Pilgrim vs. the World'.

    Look forward to learning from you guys.

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    I am new in this from. I am here to learning and sharing some knowledge. I hope I will do best to make this forum very popular.

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    hai friends i am a new member here....

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    Hello, my name is Michael but I prefer Mike. I'm from California but staying in Romania at the moment. I'm a webdeveloper, I'm also a SEO specialist or working my way to being one. It's nice to meet you!

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    name: Ly;
    age: 21;
    nationality: caucasian;
    location:Viet Nam
    born: Da Nang
    hobbies: books
    I am student.

    Nice to meet you all.
    Have a nice day.

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    My name is kalie rose.. i am new here on this forum...

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    Hi. For a month or two I posted pretty frequently on the AS2 board. Then I stopped for whatever reason. I don't think I ever gave myself a proper introduction.

    I genuinely enjoy helping people on here. The community seems pretty cool even though I don't really know any of you.

    Some random things:
    I'm a Mac user, however I'm not necessarily a fan of Apple.
    I started learning Flash when I was 12, and started learning code when I was 13 with Blitz Basic.
    I'm now 20, soon to be 21.
    I'm a pretty big gamer, I have all 3 current consoles, however PS3 is my preference.
    I'm currently stuck with Flash 8 due to having an old computer, but I do have a boxed copy of CS5 waiting for me.
    I have yet to make money off a project, but I'm trying.
    I have a tendency to be pretentious and obnoxious, however I don't like to be and I apologize if I annoyed anyone in the past.
    Forgive my typos, it's either 2 in the morning or I'm wired out of my mind.

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