Iam doing a vertical shooter now, I have four frames
1st frame : entry screen, 2nd frame : the game and game code, 3rd frame : game loss screen, 4th frame : game won screen.

1. I have a function which creates multiple enemies (with unique ids) which is called on a this.onEnterFrame event on the 2nd frame. Now if the user goes to either the 3rd frame or the fourth frame iam able to delete all the other game objects like hero bullets etc, but iam not able to delete the enemies(with removeMovieClip) since they have unique ids and the function is inside the this.onEnterFrame which keeps refreshing every time.
Is their a way to destroy all the enemies or is their a method to destroy the
this.onEnterFrame if i enter 3rd or fourth frame.

2. Also i have few animation mcs eg:burst, blast i need to attach them them when my bullet hits an enemy how do i attach it to the position where i shoot an enemy.

3. Iam using irregular shapes is their any other solution except hitTest cause it sux.