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Thread: The Supreme Ultimate Tutorial Request Thread

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    The Supreme Ultimate Tutorial Request Thread

    Alright straightforward, what tutorials would you like to see? The difficulty of them does not matter, you can suggest from beginner to professional tutorials, it does not matter as long as you are specific!.

    This is a reference for all members who would like to help out and make tutorials as well, because of course everyone knows something different from everyone else. So for the tutorial-seeking people here, rip this thread up.

    Tutorials / Articles Completed
    All help is appreciated if you'd like to create any of the tutorials/articles under the "Request" list. All credit for any tutorials/articles you write will be given to you as well!

    * Before requesting tutorials, you must be sure it has not already been covered in the main site & make sure you've looked through everything thoroughly! Even though large topics you might not think were covered, tutorials with a smaller set of information can be used to aid you in what you're looking for.

    * This thread is not for questions on how to submit or make tutorials nor is it for basic questions that can be solved in other forums. If you request a tutorial, you must be specific or your request will not be accepted!
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    How to Design a Logo
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    You didnt freeload, you "graciously thanked" me and offer future PHP services as well as my name on your site. Thats a lot to give back for a measly logo (Im grateful though).

    You should ask one of the other guys (slumgutt and paddy) how to design one, they are probably better at the whole logo process. I for one just go with whatever I feel makes something eye-catching.

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    Alright, sorry for spamming.

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    LOL! hmm some php ones for beginners would be nice

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    Can we turn Senoculars Tip of the day into a real List (given that kirupa is willing to add up Flash 9 to the tutorial list).

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    A complete logo process tutorial would be pretty difficult as 95% of it relies on creativity, and the rest your ability to use a tool to create what you want. It would be more of a conceptual tutorial rather than a walkthrough I feel.

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    Sure, I think that can be done as soon as K decides to add up a flash 9 section. Not sure if thats in his plans but we'll have to wait and see.

    28 - Yeah I figured out the same. I was gonna say "logo tutorial" but then I figured someone would just teach how a logo is designed in photoshop. So I thought it would be cool if someone could make a logo tutorial or more of an article as how they're built and how to sum up ideas into them as well as the thought process. Conceptual is what Im lookin for as well, because you really cant teach design/how to be creative.
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    There are no more categories for tutorials on the site, so I can make a link to Sen's AS 3.0 Tips. A Flash 9 section will be created when Flash 9 is released

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    yeah. i actually started putting together some PHP newbie FAQ's. if anybody's interested in helping out with those, PM me.

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    I'll update the list to let people know you got that covered.

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    Hey Brian, I could help out. If you give me some specific topics to cover, I can write some stuff.

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    Maybe this thread could become the ultimate Tutorial Request thread instead of just being for July. That way, I can link to this thread from the main site for anybody looking for new tutorials. It's up to you reef whether you want it that way or not

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    Sure, good idea. You can remove the "of July" and sticky (if you want). I'll be sure to update the front page constantly.

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