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Thread: Animation Battle

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    Animation Battle

    Hey well I said I would start one- so here it goes.
    3 audio sources
    Use them creatively. You can cut and edit them if you wish. Each animation submitted must include audio from ONE of the clips. Extra sound effects are welcome but not to overpower the original.

    Here are the 3 clips for you to work with:


    Southpark on Windows 98

    Little dune buggy

    Anyone can enter
    Enter as many as you like
    Collaborations are allowed

    Close date will be announced

    Create the most entertaining animation you can using the audio as your foundations.
    Most importantly- have fun with it I know I will watching them!

    as far as prizes go sorry- I cant grab funds but if anyone feels like donating or something...

    I'm sure a prize for this won't be too important, it will pretty much be a fun battle to see what kinda crazy junk you guys put out

    I won't be able to participate in this battle- as I will be busy busy busy @ warner studios.

    However- I can still judge of course, and I will offer support and things to people who want it

    As far as hosting of the animation goes- i'll get a special uploader ready for this battle hehe i'll nokky and bigmtnskier to crack one open for me to host your work.

    So lets go!! !

    If you are entering- please post so I know to add you to the list and give you an uploader password

    Official Entrants:


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    Just what exactly would we be doing with the song ?

    I'm going with "I like to move it move it" j/p.

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    I might help get mthe word out and even participate.

    K-Emmys-06: Biggest Spammer

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    It may or may not be a song reefy , but what will happen is we shall have maybe 3 audio tracks for participants to choose from, and they go from there

    It could be dialogue from a movie, OR a song I guess we shall see. Heheh I will get somethign going when i'm back home (@ the library now hehe)
    Should be back home within the hour

    I think for this battle, you can use whatever medium for animation you choose, be it stop motion, 3d or 2d

    anyone can join in, so now we just need an audio track and people to join!

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    Sounds great, when do we have audio track ready. Can we help finding few to select from ?
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    Yep of course man (btw I am on msn )
    Suggestions for tracks would be great

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    Use the final fantasy 8 winning theme...rofl

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    this sounds like something worth trying

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    I'm thinking of having 3 things
    1. A music clip
    2. Dialogue from a movie
    3. Something random that we find from the web that sounds good

    Then letting each participant choose one to animate to

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    I'll have to see what audio you come up with, but yeah, I'm prety shure I'm IN!

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    Agreed..I'll join...

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    Great! This should be really fun ! Ok well lets get searching for movie audio and schnizzle. I am at warner atm so no can do on my end heh

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    Hey that's a great idea dm, to have 3 different genre choices. I wil see if I can get something on my part.

    but I am in for sure
    Member #8 of the 'Wacom Tablets Pwn' club
    Member #5 of the Kirupa Anime club
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  14. Ill join and for the third clip it could be random sound effects like machine guns, explosions and stuff, it would be fun to do a battle scene

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    @theflash thanks glad to see you in!
    @evildrummer hmmm I'll consider it hehe not sure yet.

    Ok lets sort out the song first I guess
    What kinda music? Something funny? *I'm so thinking team america or something*

    By the way- will you guys be alright with me showcasing the animation entrants in the battle on my site? I rekon it'd be kinda cool heeh

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