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Thread: Portfolio problem and IE *prize offered*

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    Portfolio problem and IE *prize offered*

    I don't have a budget to hire a Flash programmer for this project, but I live in Tokyo and would like to offer, in return for services, a box of cool things from Japan that I will mail to you. I have a portfolio swf that loads into a main movie, the portfolio refuses to function on all PCs using Internet Explorer. I've been able to get it to work on a few PCs, but only temporarily, then it stops working. One of the things I've noticed is that on some PCs the thumbnails load one by one on every reload. I've asked half a dozen people for help and no one knows what the issue is. Can anyone assist? The first to resolve this and fix it gets something cool from Tokyo! Thanks to anyone who can help. I guess my files are too big to upload, so let me know if you're interested.

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    Follow up

    In response to the Job Offers Rules sticky, here's my info:

    - I live and work in Tokyo, Japan
    - As much as I'd like this project rushed, I have no budget for it and can't expect speed.
    - the success of this project will result in earned trust and future freelance projects sent your way
    - If the results are awesome, then I might consider sending something even cooler from Tokyo(I'm surrounded by gadget and electronics shops, massive toy stores and amazing markets)

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    Pm sent

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    heh I am interested in few nightovers in Tokyo if I next year come to Japan
    beside I think I know what a problem is...

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    Job done, I guess

    We'll see tomorrow

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    Mission complete! Thanks joppe, well done!!! And thanks to everyone who lent a hand!!

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    Hahaha, what has that to do with IE & FF?

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    now that is funny

    about the plugs being incompatible.. hahahhahha i had to laugh at that comment.

    Quote Originally Posted by shell2006
    you do realize European/Asian electronics aren't compatable with Amercian electricity plugs.

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    ^Also, I live in Sweden.. Europe..

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