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Thread: Vote : Cleaning Robot Battle

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    Senior Member

    Vote : Cleaning Robot Battle

    Vote for the best Robot

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    I vote ironkart, because hes cute and shiny!

    - Soul

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    I like all three... Cybergold's robots look really great and Didius' is cute. I've gone for Ironikart though, on account of the eys. It made me laugh and it's a cool picture too.
    - Kit

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    I can't win!

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    Hey Pom, where is Senocular's Robot, it was a very nice one.

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    Kit, you just copied my vote

    - Soul

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    Ironikart got my vote It looks so funny and like a real toy, I like it

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    Senior Member
    Originally posted by cybergold
    Hey Pom, where is Senocular's Robot, it was a very nice one.
    Deeply sorry I've fixed it now...

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    I picked IronKart but not by much. It was much shinier and brighter than my second choice - Sens.

    If Sens' was brighter and I could see more, I think I would have picked it cause it was closer up and had more detail. I couldnt even see cyber's - the link was dead?

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    I wasn't copying you, Soul. Honest.

    Sorry Sen, your robot wasn't up when I posted my vote. It's very good as well, though I agree it would be nice if it wasn't as dark.
    - Kit

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    Oh no... The link is dead. I am going to have to make my own site and put it up, i'll try getting it back up asap

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    There is my Robot, can you change the link Pom?

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    Senior Member
    I changed it, but all it does for me is reload the page (???).
    Last smoke by Ilyas : yesterday at 11:45 PM.

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    How is that possible?? My picture is in there, is there any way to make it a hyperlink?

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