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Thread: Website Re-design(er) Needed

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    Website Re-design(er) Needed

    Looking for a creative designer/developer to re-vamp an existing PHP/MySQL website. Compensation is between $250-500 depending various factors of course.
    1. Re-design homepage
    2. Re-design theme and partial layout of internal pages (css file for 7-12 page site approx)
    3. *Create simple flash logo/header image (may or may not be required, will give details upon selection)
    4. Create website icons as needed and inline with overall site theme
    5. Insert and/or edit text lables and page content as indicated by site owner
    6. Place additional navigational and page links where needed to enhance site usability
    7. Other tasks as required to sucessfully complete re-design of website.
    Must provide samples of previous design work, and must be ready to start immeadiately. If interested, please send private message or email at your earliest convenience.
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    although might of been a mistake.. but make sure you don't post multiple post of one topic... anyway.. carry on!

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    It was a mistake lol... any1 know how I can delete a post?

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    it's done, i did it, but for future reference, you can just edit your first post and delete from there.

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    Awesome thanks. Now kiddies let this be a lesson to all... never post while under the influence... of great Italian food.

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    pm sent

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