Hello there!

I am wondering if anyone would be so kind to help me out with the following.

I am looking to make a flash movie (130px x 56px) that draws in information from a xml file. This has to work with Flash 5 Plugin.

Take a look at here(PLEASE COPY AND PASTE LINK INTO BROWSER WINDOW, it will not work if you directly click on it):


It shows the layout of what im after.

Here is what it has to do.

1. The text 'SD' has to be a clickable link. The XML file will supply the URL and also specify whether it opens a new browser window, or opens a pop up window with a specified size.

2. The numbers are supplied by the xml and need to be updated every 60 seconds, as the xml file will also be updating constantly.
The colour of the numbers will change when they increase or decrease in value from the last update. So if they go increase they turn Orange and if they get smaller they go a a Blue.
These need to be clickable links, that open either a new browser window or pop up as specified by the XML file.

3. The names on the far right will be specified by the xml file too.
This does not need to be a link, just display the text.

Here is the XML that I have been supplied with (COPY AND PASTE LINK INTO BROWSER):


I think its probably self explanitary. 'dir' means the direction the numbers are moving.

I dont think this would be too tricky to an advanced xml/flash user...but for me its a nightmare!!

If someone could knock up a test fla for me that would be great!

Please help.