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Thread: Photoshop 6- Using the Inner Shadow

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    Photoshop 6- Using the Inner Shadow

    Question, If I create a new layer on the canvas and insert a simple square box in it. Now if I go into the layer's window and select my new layer and right click on it. I will be given the option to select the "blending options" title from the drop-down menu.
    Once selected, the blending options window will be displayed. I can then check the "Inner Shadow" option and have my new layer displayed as Inner Shadow. Therefore, by default the shadow color is dark-grey; Is there a way to change it to a lighter color or a completely different color?

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    click on the area where the color is displayed! :-\

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    Once you check the box if you actually click on the text "inner shadow" that will bring you into the inner shadow properties. Then you will see a small swatch box next to the blend mode drop down that is where you change the color. That confused when I first started using PS you have to not only check the box but select it to g into the properties.

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    Click on the Inner Shadow text, gee thats just rude on Photoshop's part. Thanks guys....

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