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Thread: Common Browsers

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    Common Browsers

    I thought you guys may find this useful:
    We built a site for an insurance package, and the stats broke down the browsers like this:
    • MS Internet Explorer 85.9 %
    • Firefox 7.6 %
    • Mozilla 1.5 %
    • Opera 1.2 %
    • Safari 1.1 %
    • Nokia Browser (PDA/Phone browser) 0.6 %
    • Sony/Ericsson Browser (PDA/Phone browser) 0.4 %
    • Samsung (PDA/Phone browser) 0.3 %
    • Motorola Browser (PDA/Phone browser) 0.2 %
    • Netscape 0.2 %
    • Others 0.5 %
    Then, on an image library i run they look like this:
    • MS Internet Explorer 56.7 %
    • Firefox 3.3 %
    • Mozilla 0.1 %
    • Safari 39.7 %
    I know it isnt ground breaking stuff, but interesting how different markets need to be targeted differently...

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    yeah, those stats don't particularly surprise me. you figure an image library is more likely to be accessed by graphic design types, which lean towards apple products.

    most interesting to me is that 4.5% of the insurance package visitors used a browser other than IE or FF. it's a good argument for web standards if you can say to a client that from past experience 12.1% of visitors use a browser other than IE and that number is going to increase with mobile device popularity.

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    You should know your visitors. It wont be alot if IE in wap site stats)

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