I think im looking for a swap CSS script that does a little more than the usual.. if you visit this url


and use the submenu the inner page content changes, now to do this they are using seperate pages but i would like to do it with ID'd divs and then just swap' which ever is needed..

i know there is a js script for onclick to show and hide but this then leaves the others open, the client is really fussy on the site being a fixed height so they all the unselected layers need to be hidden ... and vice versa..


current script i have is..

function toggle( targetId ){
if (document.getElementById){
target = document.getElementById( targetId );
if (target.style.display == "none"){
target.style.display = "";
} else {
target.style.display = "none";

<a href="#" onclick="toggle('question');return false;">Click here to see the hidden content</a>

<div id=question style="display:none">

blah blah blah - put your content here!


and alternatives..