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Thread: Webpage layout

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    Webpage layout

    I can't figure out which layouts to use ~.~

    The most common seems to be the tables... but so many tables get so complicated, I can't figure out which table is which (even with labling) >.<

    Does anyone have tips on how layouts should be done? Or how to be more organized >_<

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    I find that using a healthy combination of tables (basic) and CSS is quite strong, looks good and not too difficult to code.

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    css based layouts (not table based) are the way to go. i'm not going to spend time listing the reasons here because, well, that's what google's for and there's no use reinventing the wheel.

    it's probably going to be a challenge at first because css layouts aren't as intuitive as table based, but the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.

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    So you're saying use tables, but use css to style them? or create tables with css (i saw a book for sale, saying that you dont need tables when you can do it with css or something of that sort)?

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    i'm saying don't use tables at all for layout.

    some examples:

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    tables are for eating off. css is for web based layout.
    look at csszengarden to be inspired - ZERO tables

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    I kow I'm going to start an argument lol but. I think:
    what ever suits you best, and what you feel you have best knowledge with. If you know tables, and are confident, use them, if not, don't. Css, if you think you can, and vise versa as long as it works, though you need to keep compatibilty across all browsers

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    Rofl Codemonkey.

    Well, I'll try to learn the css style first and maybe practice on how to make tables more... legible in code form. Thanks for the replies everyone

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