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Thread: Drop shadowed picture on tiled background

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    Drop shadowed picture on tiled background


    Need a little bit of help here..
    I just cant seem to figure this out..

    I gave this picture a dropshadow in photoshop using the blending options.
    Deleted its background. It now has a transparent background.

    I have an html page with a tiled pattern background.

    How should i export the picture from photoshop so that when i put it in the page using <IMG SRC="">, the dropshadow would cast on the tiled background?

    Hope you get my point..
    Thanks in advance

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    you will have to use save for web, gif, select transparency on.
    you will probably have to select a matte colour, other, then choose a colour closest to your BG.

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    Thanks for the quick reply.
    I already tried your approach before, the problem is, its hard to pick a color closest to my background because the BG is not a plain color.
    Maybe some other way? do you happen to know of any?

    I have no problem doing this in Flash coz all i do is export it as PNG and make the stage in flash transparent woindowless.

    There must be some other way around this..

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    You'd need to use PNGs with support alpha transparence, but browser support is sketchy and can end up making things worse.

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    Tried PNG but doesnt work well.
    All i get are black and white boxes.

    So, i guess theres no way to achieve this?..
    HOpe not..

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