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Thread: Client login - Please help!

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    Client login - Please help!


    I'm wondering if anyone can suggest how to handle a basic client login. I'm doing graphic design for a client and I want them to be able to view the progress of the work I'm doing for them online by visiting my website. I want them to go to my website into a folder specifically for their business and then have to enter a password to be able to view the contents. I'm looking for a simple solution. Something like:

    1) First the client enters my website URL followed by the folder name of their business -

    2) Window prompt pops up asking for username and password.

    3) Client enters in their specific username and password that I provide them with and it loads the "index of..." directory with a list of their files.

    I am fairly new to this, so any ideas how to do this would be extremely helpful!
    Thanks in advance!


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    That's rather simple, though, when you have something basic there's usually an easy breach or you will nedd to black right clicks with a window pop-up and put the page in a frame, and load in the js So the source is relatively hidden. How secure would it need to be?

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    Thanks for the response! If what you suggested adds more then just a little bit of work, then I don't want to bother with it right now because I don't really need high security yet. I just want something simple like I suggested doing because it's something temporary for people to see progress. Any other tips would be awesome, thanks!

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    Sorry about the delay, forgot about this one

    I just whipped up this, a basic example of a login
    HTML Code:
    <script language="Javascript">
    var triesLeft = 3;
    function disAllowRightClick() {
       if (event.button==2) {
           alert('Did you know?:\nEvery time you right click a whale dies.');
    function login() {
      var valid = true;
      popPassVal.innerHTML = "";
      popUserVal.innerHTML = "";
      popMessageVal.innerHTML = "";
      var user1 = 'memberhome.html';//Set up user's default log in homepage
      var user2 = 'memberhome.html';//Set up user's default log in homepage
      var user3 = 'memberhome.html';//Set up user's default log in homepage
      var user4 = 'memberhome.html';//Set up user's default log in homepage
      var user = document.log.user.value;
      var pass = document.log.pass.value;
      if (user == '' || user == undefined) {
        popUserVal.innerHTML = "<font color='#FF0000'>Please enter a username.</font>";
        valid = false;
      if (pass == '' || pass == undefined) {
        popPassVal.innerHTML = "<font color='#FF0000'>Please enter a password.</font>";
        valid = false;
      if (valid) {
    Sets up usernames and passwords
    Format is: user == "username" && pass == "users_password"
        if (user == "user1" &&  pass == "pass1") {  
        } else if (user == "user2" && pass == "pass2") { 
        } else if (user == "user3" && pass == "pass3") { 
        } else if (user == "user4" && pass == "pass4") { 
               window.location = user4;
        } else {//Not a user
               popMessageVal.innerHTML = "<font color='#FF0000'>Sorry,\n\n\"<b>"+user+"</b>\" is not a member!<br />"+triesLeft+" tries left.</font>";
               triesLeft == 0 ? window.location = "" : triesLeft--;
    <form name="log">
    <font size="2" face="times">
    <div id="popMessageVal"><br /></div>
    <br />
    <input type="text" name="user" size="10" />
    <div id="popUserVal"><br /></div>
    <input type="password" name="pass" size="10" />
    <div id="popPassVal"><br /></div>
    <input name="Submit" type="button"  value="Log In" onClick="login()" size="10" />

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